Purify Air with Ozone

The CerroZone air purifier safely harnesses ozone to kill 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, mold and other airborne pathogens immediately. Its patented technology draws air into the unit through a series of fans and proprietary filters. Internal UV-C lamps generate ozone within the sealed mixing chamber and then kill all microorganisms, including VOCs, within the sealed chamber. Finally, the air within the chamber passes through a catalyst that restructures the ozone back into clean, breathable air prior to returning to the room. In independent laboratory testing, CerroZone recorded a 99.99-plus percent reduction of COVID-19 virus in a single-pass in 1.2 seconds. The CerroZone mobile unit is certified by the FDA as a 510(k) Class II medical device. CerroZone complies with ASHRAE Standard 241. CerroZone is a Net Negative Ozone Device that complies with UL 2998 and has Intertek’s Zero Ozone Certification, meaning no significant amount of ozone ever leaves the unit.

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