We help Head Start Communities fight illness and infectious outbreaks using new technologies which promotes a healthy learning environment.

Authorized Distributor of the ZONO Sanitizing* and disinfecting Cabinet

Increase Attendance

When you reduce infectious diseases and viruses, you increase class attendance, allowing you to meet your yearly goals.

200+ Head Start Centers and Growing

Improve Quality of Work

When your employees have one less thing to worry about when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting toys, they can spend more time teaching.

The ZONO Ozone Sanitizing and Disinfecting Cabinet kills 99.99% of common bacteria* and 99.99% of common viruses+.

Science & Innovation

The ZONO utilizes a patent pending combination of: Process Control, Ozone Concentration, Humidity and Time to achieve consistent and laboratory confirmed sanitization and disinfecting levels. Our integrated mobile rack system eliminates cross contamination and cuts down on user handling of equipment.

Liquid Chemical-Free Sanitizing* and Disinfecting

The ZONO Cabinet uses no harsh chemicals to sanitize hard and soft items. It uses ozone created from ambient air, less than one-half ounce of water, and three cents of electricity to sanitize porous, semi-porous, and nonporous surfaces.

Head Start Features

  • Integrated Cart System
  • 99.9% Kill Rate
  • Sole Source Solution
  • Custom Workflow Analysis
  • On-site Training

What Our Customers Say

"We've seen a reduction in illness in the last several weeks. The teachers LOVE the Zono. It saves them SO much energy throughout the day! We are using it multiple times daily."

Center Director, Georgia

"The Zono is wonderful! Our teachers love it! We run it multiple times per day. As soon as they use the toys, we put them on the tray and are taken for sanitizing right then. It makes the end of the day so much easier."

Happy Zono User, Utah

2020 Fall Webinar: Preventing and Tackling Infectious Disease Outbreaks