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Finally, sanitize and disinfect everything in your facility and eliminate harmful pathogens from the air you’re breathing.


Our products eliminate the need for dangerous liquid chemicals and hazardous floor-mounted air purifiers.


Save your teachers time – instead of sanitizing one item at a time, Zono gets everything in just 35 minutes and Halo operates 24/7.

See the difference that Zono and
Halo can make in your facility.

What is Zono?

ZONO is a revolutionary sanitizing and disinfecting cabinet that uses OZONE to kill 99.9% of common bacteria* and 99.99% of common viruses+ on the items you use the most.

What is Halo?

The Halo HEPA Air Purification station mounts directly to your ceiling and operates completely independently of your HVAC system. It uses the same HEPA filtration that’s been trusted for decades in laboratories and has been proven in real classroom settings to reduce airborne particle load by up to 98%.

What You Need to Do Next

1. Speak With an IHS Representative

You’ll be able to speak directly with the Innovative Healthcare Solutions team to get all your questions answered and see why Zono and Halo are the perfect addition to your sanitizing plan.

2. Implement Zono and Halo in Your Facility

We’ll help ensure that your new tools are delivered safely and properly installed in your school. Your teachers will get more done in less time, and your entire community will breathe a little easier.

3. Let Your Teachers Get Back to Teaching

With the time your teachers save, they can focus more on the children they serve. Parents will rest easy knowing that their children’s items are sanitized, and you’ll limit their exposure to harmful chemicals.

More than 1,500 Head Start facilities already trust Zono and Halo as part of their sanitizing and disinfecting plan.

You deserve to be the next success story.

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at stake.

Let your staff focus
on what’s most important –
the children you serve.