Better Vision
For Better Learning

About Plusoptix

The Plusoptix vision screener empowers Early Head Start, Head Start and Schools to detect the most prevalent vision disorders in children as early as possible. We believe that better vision equals better learning. The earlier a vision disorder is detected the better it can be treated, including conditions like lazy eye. 

How It Works

Plusoptix Vision Screeners use the measuring principle of a transillumination test. Unlike other vision screeners, Plusoptix avoids glare of the patient, by using infrared light. The pupils remain large even without dilation. Using the patented smiley face on the front, kids are occupied making the screening process simple for both the child and the teacher.

Simple to use

Quick assessment

Scan from a distance

Pupil zoom feature

91% accuracy

Uses AA batteries

Why You Need Plusoptix

Keeping kids in the classroom is our top priority – they shouldn’t fall behind in school due to undiagnosed vision problems. Start screening early and make it easy with Plusoptix!

Plusoptix devices have been manufactured and used for nearly 25 years with the promise of delivering the highest quality, and most affordable product, on the market. 

IHS offers two models to choose from: the S12C, which includes an internal patient database, or the S12R.

Once a child falls behind in school, it’s hard for them to catch up, which impacts them throughout their life. Screen early and easily with Plusoptix and make better vision synonymous with better learning.

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