Halo HEPA Air Filtration

Breathe new life into your classrooms

With Halo, we are setting the standard for classroom and indoor space Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The Halo, designed for laboratories but tested in real-world classroom settings, reduces airborne particulate load without costly modifications to your HVAC system. Unlike floor units, Halo operates by mounting to your ceiling, away from possible interference and allowing for optimal airflow to remove harmful pathogens from your breathing zone.

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Halo Filter

Halo HEPA Air Filtration

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98% Reduction In Particle Load

Cycles clean, filtered air back into the room

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It's as easy to install as a ceiling fan

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Improve Indoor
Air for Less

No need for costly upgrades to your HVAC system

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Tested in Classrooms

Proven to work in real-life classroom settings

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