Germ Pals: Plushie Play and Learning Pack


We didn’t think viruses and bacteria could be so cute! Our Germ Pack is a captivating way for kids to learn and play!

Shipping: 1-2 weeks

Availability: In stock


Inside, they’ll discover a collection of adorable plush germ toys, paired with educational books. These friendly germs teach children about hygiene through engaging stories and vibrant illustrations. This interactive and durable backpack encourages hands-on learning, while promoting healthy habits in a fun and memorable way!

Includes: one (1) clear backpack, seven (7) germ plushies (Covid, lice, bedbugs, norovirus, rhinovirus, flu and RSV), two (2) board books, one (1) coloring book, two (2) 8-pack box of crayons, and two (2) superhero capes (colors vary). 

Shipping: 1-2 weeks

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